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Hey! Thanks for "pre-saving" our upcoming song, "All Wrong."  We know it's just a small thing, and there's a lot of info to enter and buttons to click through.  But, every presave helps Spotify notice us and get our music out to more people who might enjoy it.  So, our deepest THANK YOU for supporting our dream.  

From Chat GPT - but it's not wrong:

In the vast sea of music streaming platforms, emerging artists often find it challenging to cut through the noise and reach a wider audience. Spotify pre-saves have become an invaluable tool in leveling the playing field. These pre-save campaigns provide a unique opportunity for unknown artists to generate buzz and build anticipation before their music officially releases. By encouraging fans to pre-save their songs, artists can generate early support and engagement, boosting their chances of being discovered by new listeners. With each pre-save, the algorithm takes notice, increasing the likelihood of landing on curated playlists and gaining exposure to a wider audience. In this digital age where discoverability is crucial, Spotify pre-saves have become an essential stepping stone for up-and-coming talents, granting them a fighting chance to be heard amidst the ever-expanding music landscape.

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