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It started with a nearly fatal car accident: an all-night drive halfway across the USA, and a high-speed highway crash near San Antonio that crushed our little Toyota Yaris, and sent us scrambling out the newly-destroyed rear window.  Geoff reached down to adjust the radio, and the next thing we knew, we were careening off I-10 and into a ditch below, miraculously missing the trees that dotted the side of the road.  Our car was thoroughly destroyed, but somehow we walked away almost completely injury-free.  This brush with death, and subsequent time of self-reflection, loosened our creative energy and gave us the drive to finally start our own band, and begin sharing our music with the world.


A fly-by-the-seat-of-her-pants, artsy army brat singer-songwriter, and a native Californian music school nerd and engineer, some might consider us (Scarlet and Geoff) an unlikely pair.  However, the blending of our different approaches to music, and life, has helped us create music that's intriguing but also relatable.  Musically, as well as in life, we temper each other's worst tendencies, and in our good moments, bring out the best qualities in the other.  Throw in our band, and it's a collab made in heaven.

We record out of our home studio in LA, where we are also busy raising our daughter Joanna, and perform with our band regularly throughout the southern California region.  Our music is diverse but rooted in the classics.  We try to make each song something new and unique, but Scarlet’s dynamic voice and Geoff’s groovy guitar-ing make it all feel like Merlot Embargo. 

Catch up with us and our latest musical endeavors by following us on any of the social media accounts, or music places. (Links are on the bottom banner of this site)  Or feel free to stay in touch the old-school way, via our email newsletter

Or, read about our band!

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